Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Barter?

Barter is a medium in which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods and/or services without a common unit of exchange (without the use of money).

What is Corporate Barter?

Corporate barter exchanges facilitate companies to engage in multi-party barter trades without any one to one limitations, as in traditional barter. It focuses on larger transactions, which is different from a traditional, retail oriented barter exchange. Corporate barter exchanges typically use media and advertising as leverage for their larger transactions.It entails the use of a currency unit. India it is INR.

What are the benefits of barter?

Retail, MSME & Corporate giants barter to garner the following benefits:-
a. Save & Optimize cash.
b. Liquidate Excess Inventory.
c. Explore New Markets.
d. Increase & Confirmed Sales.

Who all can trade in Corporate Barter?

Corporate Barter offers a clear & defined platform for Individuals,Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Traders, Retail, MSME, Corporate Clients, Hotels, B2B Industry etc..

How does Corporate Barter work?

Corporate barter works where there is fairness in transactions and where every client in the network believes in a win-win deal, for himself and the others. Corporate Barter offers its clients with a cashless alternative that brings new customers, reduces bad debts, turns surplus inventory into profits and reduces cash / cheque expenditures for common business and personal expenses.

How does Corporate Barter earn ?

The revenue model of Corporate Barter revolves around a nominal percentage as handling fees calculated on value of transaction, payable by the buyer in a given transaction.

What is the Barter Commission or the Transaction fee Corporate Barter charge?

The transaction fee which we charge is 10% + GST. However the same can be negotiated in case of high value deals above 1 – 2 Cr.

What will you do with my product / services ?

The product / services which are in the system are available to the clients in the network on barter basis. Also Corporate Barter pushes the client products / services in Corporate Gifting,Loyalty Programmes,Marketing & Promotional Schemes, E-commerce,after the clearance from the respective brand.

How can I be a part of Corporate Barter?

The process is too simple to be a part of Corporate Barter. Any clients who intends to explore this platform, needs to simply sign a Barter Agreement.

Share me the company details of Corporate Barter.

Corporate Barter –The Trade Exchange is a barter / reciprocal trade brand of Cconnect Direct Media LLP.

Pls clickhere for contact details.