Explore Corporate Barter

Corporate Barter offers a simple and transparent exchange platform for its clients.

Save Cheque Outflows

We empower our clients to purchase products /services and advertising by exchanging it what they have, thereby not affecting their cheque outflows. Saving Cheque &

Liquidate Excess Inventory.

Our clients easily & efficiently liquidate the excess stocks / capacities which is otherwise unused in lieu of customised cost optimal solutions. Corporate Barter allows you

Confirmed Sales & New Markets.

We help our clients to open up new sales channel by exploring the new markets and avenues wherein they aren’t present. As we pick the stocks


Types of Deal

100% Barter Deal

This is one of the most common executed barter deals within the network. The clients herein trade with their products and services and pick up the media

Part Cheque & Part Barter

We source in certain products/media/services for the client wherein the client is willing to spend cheque any which ways. While we structure the deal, it saves a

100%Cheque Deals

Since we have an expertise in Product sourcing and Media advertising, our clients avail our services in succeeding the best rate of the desired product /service / media for them. We