Since we have an expertise in Product sourcing and Media advertising, our clients avail our services in succeeding the best rate of the desired product /service / media for them. We emerge as a deal evaluator for our clients and help them in all possible ways. Our clients approach us, and we ensure that cheque outflows are minimised. Since it is pure cheque deal thus the commission we charge on the deal is according to value of the deal. Let us understand this
too with an example; An Organisation A needs a particular specific media option to promote its product / service. The Company A would have already negotiated the rates with the media house and will have a quotation of the same. Now the clients seek our expertise in reducing the rates for them. Herein we act as an Advertising Agency and rope the best rates for the clients. We ensure that the rates we offer are less the rates client already has. The payout for the client is the Cheque Component + Our Commission of 3 – 5% + GST applicable.