What is Barter System?

Barter is perhaps the words oldest system of trade. In the barter system, goods and services are exchanged for other goods and services without any involvement of money. Corporate Barter involves exchanging goods or services that a company may have with media, services or products that they may require in exchange. In essence, bartering involves the provision of one good or service by one party in  or service by one party in return for another good or service from another
party. Bartering is the most potent tool for companies to save / optimize cash
and efficiently liquidate excess stocks & capacities. The new and improved Corporate Barter system is rising and growing exponentially, especially among corporate giants and for much more than just retail-oriented products. Many business establishments avail media, advertising, or more, in exchange for their needs and requirements.

Corporate Barter The Trade Exchange plays an vital role in the record keeping, arranging advertising / products / services on barter and sharing monthly statements to its clients. We earn our bread by charging a commission on each transaction when clients buy from us.  It is estimated that over 350,000 businesses in the United States are involved in barter exchange activities. There are approximately 400 commercial and corporate barter companies serving all parts of the world and the % volume is as high as 40%. In India still the percentage of barter business is around 15 to 20%, so there is huge potential and its growth is destined. 

Benefits of Barter System

Barter System serves multiple benefits and advantages to its members. The clients should explore it to avail 

  • Increase Sales & Productivity.
  •  Fund Media Campaigns.
  •  Reduce Cheque Outflows.
  • Liquidate Excess Inventory
  •  Explore New Markets.
  • Increased Purchasing Power.
  • Better Inventory Management.
  • Acquire New Customers.
  • Incremental Revenue & Profits.
  • Better Marketing Opportunities.
  • Avoid One to One Trade Hassles.

How Corporate Barter Works ?

Corporate barter works where there is fairness in transactions and where every client in the network believes in a win-win deal, for himself and the others. Corporate Barter offers its clients with a cashless alternative that brings new customers, reduces bad debts, turns surplus inventory into profits and reduces cash / cheque expenditures for common business and personal expenses. Business owners can use the barter system to pay for a wide variety of common expenses such as business trips, vacations, restaurants, dental visits, car rentals, home decor and multiple other things. More and more local businesses and Corporate Giants are turning to bartering their services and products as a way to keep their costs low and bring in new customers.

Buying products and services on Barter is exciting!! Think about all the things you write a cheque for or pay with cash in your personal or business life. The greatest thing about Barter is that each time you buy some requirements on Barter, you are pre-selling your product or service to that value. It is like getting advance payment for your sales booked. Let us explain it through an example:-
ABC company intends to liquidate its stock and seeks media advertising and services in lieu of it. How will this happen ?? Simple it is.. ABC company will offer its products to Corporate Barter and shall pick up the media options from the pool of Corporate Barter.

Corporate Barter Business Solutions

Corporate Barter offers multiple business solutions to its networkers. Few of them are as follows :-

Funding Businesses

Corporate Barter helps its network clients to purchase media and other services without spending cash / cheque. We extend barter limits to our clients who are facing crunch and inventory shortage, to buy first and sell later.

Media & Promotions

Corporate Barter provide companies a platform to buy various media options on barter basis against their products or services.

Excess Inventories

Corporate Barter help its clients to clear excess inventory created because of overproduction /cancelled orders/introduction of new models. This slow or dead inventory can be used to fund the media requirements for the client.

Schemes & Promotions

Corporate Barter provide companies different products and services on barter basis which they use for various schemes & promotions like dealer/distributor gifting, employee perks etc.